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“Bev Keys is an extraordinary vocalist/guitarist/songwriter with a style all her own. From jazz standards, to pop covers, to her own compositions, she gives new life and a fresh original interpretation to everything she plays. Whether performing with her onstage, or sitting in the audience listening, each song is a new adventure into the joy of what music is all about.”

- Steve Raleigh, guitarist/composer/educator/producer, LWR Productions -

"Before we get too deep into a report on our Jazz Benifit Concert last month, let us heap profuse praise on Bill Barton, our music Producer, for doing a superlative job of making this a wonderful evening of music a reality. The help of Bev Keys, one of the participating musicians, and music director, was invaluable. The performances were stellar, and the musicians were enthusiastic about playing for us. Joe Lovano, truly a major league tenor saxaphone player, and his wife vocalist Judi Silvano, were scheduled to play for about 20 minutes, but ended up giving us an entire set that lasted more than 45 minutes! Ellen Powell and Jerry Lavene, The Desired Effect, The Bruce Sklar/Dave Grippo Sextet, and of course Bev Keys and Round Midnight, all put on terrific shows.

- Marie-Anne Azar, Editor, Program Update Benefit Wrap, WCFE-FM 91.9 Mountain Lake Public Radio International

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